50% discount for new members - Getting back out there

So last year threw a few spanners in the works for sports clubs, we had lockdowns, social distancing, new rules and at Clacton Sailing Club, we took our responsibility seriously. We closed the clubhouse and kept it closed, but where rules allowed we made use of the compound to host small groups of sailors.

Our safety boat and crew kept up on current techniques recommended by the RYA and when multihousehold crews were allowed we had two crew on our safety boat. We also have two safety boats which gives us flexibility if we are allowed to sail but restricted on multihousehold crew.

It seems like soon we will be allowed back out to play, we will have a subcommittee committed to keeping on top of any changes in rules due to COVID and to help keep our members safe when sailing, in the compound and this year, in the clubhouse too.

Clacton Sailing Club understands the importance of getting outdoors and for many of us, the importance of getting on the water. We take our responsibility as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) seriously and as such it has been decided we will reduce our annual membership fees for new members by 50% this year. That means a full member can join for £37.50 and a family for £62.50 for a year.

We look forward to meeting more of you, if you are interested in joining us, please fill in our membership enquiry form.

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