Covid 19 Return to Boating

Updated: Feb 16

Hi Everyone

I hope and trust everyone is fit and well and managing to enjoy a Covid-secure summer?

Your sailing club committee have continued to meet and discuss the developing guidelines and how they affect the cautious return to sailing that many of us have been able to enjoy.

We are conscious that the lack of rescue boat cover is an important aspect for some of you considering going afloat and I’d like to reassure you we are working on possible launching / landing and single-handed manning of the clubs RIBS and will keep you updated. As you know we are a volunteer run club with very few possibilities to dual-man with crews from single household units so this may continue to pose problems for some time yet.

We are however pleased to attach our revised risk assessment with changes and updates in blue text.

You will notice after checking with the insurers that we can now allow the use of the club dinghies. This is with effect from today. This involved temporary changing club rules regarding their use without RIB cover and with each boat being available for single household usage exclusively on Sundays. This minimises any necessity for complex sanitising processes as the natural 7 day period will do this for us. I would just bring your attention to the fact the club needs to be reassured of your sailing competence and that although the club’s insurance provides 3rd party cover their use is entirely at the sailor’s own risk. All we ask is that you sign-out the dinghies using the form that will be posted inside the container that includes a disclaimer of clubs liability.

Currently the fleet includes various Topaz and Toppers and will from next week be updated to include a Laser One. Hopefully this will enable more members to get afloat this summer.

With regards the re-opening of the clubhouse, changing rooms and toilets. Again, we are studying this but the guidance, specially with regards the changing rooms is detailed and could become onerous to implement and manage for our volunteer-run club. Equally re-opening the clubhouse even for simple refreshments can only be done in line with Governments guidance developed for pub or restaurants - at this time our recently refurbished clubhouse remains sadly off-limits with I hope your understanding.

Pete Boxer, Commodore

Covid 19 Return to Boating
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