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How to join the Clacton Sailing Club

Joining Clacton Sailing Club is easy to do, you can simply buy membership online from the Shop.  If you have any questions about the club and the membership options use the contact us option .

Clacton Sailing Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) which means that we are a not for profit Club open to the whole community and have to offer affordable membership and storage fees to our members,

The club is run by a group of volunteers and the majority of the club members participate or support the sports that the club provides.  There are opportunities to get involved for sailors and non sailors.  In order to run our race programme we rely on volunteers to fill roles from crewing on the rescue boat to Race Officer so there is the opportunity to participate even if you don't sail.

The club does not currently offer any formal training but you will find us all to be helpful and offer assistance and guidance when asked.  As we all want to share the enjoyment that we get from sailing with others.

If you join as a Sailing member you will be able to use boats from the Club's small fleet of Toppers and Topaz's when rescue cover is being Provided and permission has been given by a member of the committee.


If you require any further information or are considering joining us,  please do get in contact with us.

To purchase membership, please head to the shop.


If you would like to arrange a visit to the club, please contact us.

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