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Our Mission

To encourage family focused participation in the sport of dinghy sailing in an inclusive environment.

The club is about the combination of members working together on projects that give fulfilment in training and competitive and recreational sailing. 

We also believe that sailing is not only an excellent sport, demanding both physical and mental skills, but is also a platform for the development of life skills. These skills include the ability to operate as a member of a team, to communicate effectively, and to provide the leadership needed to manage both resources and people.  We also build club camaraderie through regular, social activities.

Everyone is a volunteer and gives up their time for the enjoyment of the sport. Consequently our fees are low compared with other sailing centres.

The Vision of Clacton Sailing Club

We strive to become one of the leading catamaran and dinghy sailing clubs in our area.

The clubs vision is to provide a starting place for future leading sailors from the local area delivering sailing opportunities for all. Members of the club aspire to develop a club that is successful and vibrant with a large volunteer base that offers activities to the community, especially young people and the disadvantaged.

Clacton Sailing Clubs Aims

Providing sail training to all.

  •  To become a starting place for future leading sailors.

  • To use the club as a centre to engage youth into sailing with national and international event qualification as an attainable goal

  • To run a successful and vibrant family sailing club offering services that will bring people into the local area, benefiting the local community.

The Clacton Sailing Clubs Objectives

Positive objectives to take place.

  •  To train personnel to be able to offer training to local youth.

  • To build an extension for the use of training.

  • Provide boats and equipment to safely train people on the water.

  • To increase our membership.

  • To provide new storage facilities for boats.

  • To identify young talent, and offer the resources for them to enjoy and achieve.

Our Mission: Our Mission
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