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A Breeze through our year, Laying up Supper & Trophy ceremony.

Clacton sailing club took to The Ship in Kirby-le-soken, the Sunday before last, for the club’s annual Laying up supper. Friendly faces, beautiful scenery, and good food for the theme followed by a selection of Trophies and Awards from this season’s sailing, a fine way to unwind after a challenging year.

Trophies presented this fine evening speak for our history; the 2021 season marks the celebration of 70 years of North-Sea sailing for our club. Founded in 1951, and with a rich lineage of family members, committee members and sailors alike we were all more than excited to allow these awards to be proudly printed with the names of both longstanding and newer members alike.

Our first presented award, the Butlins Cup. This Cup really speaks to the club history, first presented by Sir Billy Butlins himself back in 1960! Awarded to the deserving Mark and George Venables for putting on a show with their newly acquired Dart 18... It’s safe to say they showed the Hurricanes, Dart 16’s and A-Class Cat’s how it’s done! Congratulations both!

Our second award, the Jubilee Rose Bowl rounded up a brilliant turnout! 11 boats in the water competing, Derrol and Michael embarked on their Maiden Voyage in their Hurricane, Peter and Helen took their Wanderer out to sea, Toppo on the ‘new and blue’ Dart 16, Stafford throwing a spanner in the works taking out his International Canoe (although not competing) and we also welcomed James back to the sea for his first trip out on the A Class. Taking the trophy was Commodore Pete Boxer sailing his A Class catamaran.

Our Third Trophy, the Commodores Platter saw us to raise a glass to the late Geoff and Veronica wright, two founding members who unfortunately recently passed. Geoff originally presented this award back in 1976. The race itself accommodated a nicely balanced turnout of 4 monohulls and 4 catamarans. As the old idiom goes ‘Slow and steady wins the race’… Well that really rang true here as Pete & Helen through a display of sheer skill and experience took 1st place in the wanderer.

Shortly thereafter summer was taking swing, time to hang the flags and sport the colours of the CSC! The Regatta drew sailors, family, and friends alike down to our little corner of Holland-On-Sea. The grill came out, a BBQ with all the trimmings and a full days sailing, Lush! The AM race for the RNLI trophy took sail at 11am, and the trophy was taken shortly after by Dan Brzezinski! All the proceeds went straight to the RNLI, and we had the honour of hosting their attendance during the trophy ceremony. The PM race for the day took place after we took our fill of beautifully prepared BBQ food, and Dan Brzezinski then once again proudly took the CUDC (Clacton Urban District Council) trophy, presented by the Chairman of the Council.

The Centenary cup found it’s place in the overflowing cabinet of Commodore Pete Boxer, originally presented to the club in 1976 by the Cox and the crew of the Clacton lifeboat, the 2021 award found it’s place with experience.

This brings us to one of the larger, anticipated events of the year, the Double Dan. This Trophy dates to 1958 and has been won by sailing legends, including Reg White! Unfortunately, due to administrative concerns, the overall turnout club wise wasn’t quite the collaboration we’d all hoped for, however despite these unforeseen circumstances a record time for this Brightlingsea to Holland-On-Sea sail, at just 46 minutes by no other than Matt and John in their Tornado.

Clacton Sailing Club signing out! Wishing all our readers, sailors and otherwise a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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